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Welcome dear visitor...We are working on the the upcoming
ESST meeting programme and exam in Bologna, Italy

European Society of Sleep Technologists Congress
Wednesday 14th September 2016
Bologna, Italy

Please note that, as with the clinicians and scientists, all eligible applicants must be members of the ESRS before applying to sit for the technologist examination.  ESRS membership application instructions can also be found on the ESRS website.
We look forward to seeing you at the ESST meeting in Bologna and to seeing the technologists qualify with this prestigious European sleep technologist credential.

What is the ESST

European Society of Sleep Technologists

Established in 1996, this society aims to promote education, training and interaction between sleep technologists, nurses, clinicians and scientists working in the field of sleep medicine in Europe and beyond! We enjoy a strong working relationship not only with our own national sleep societies but with the European Society of Sleep Research with whom we share a meeting every 2 years. We also have links with the American Association of Sleep Technologists. Although we represent many different nationalities we strive to be fluent in the language of sleep!

Simone de Lacy BSc RPSGT
President 2008-

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